Ex-HMAS ADELAIDE – Disposal, Preparations & Scuttling

  • Capability Partners (then CBD) was awarded the contract for the disposal of the HMAS Adelaide to the NSW Government.

  • Consequently, Capability Partners was also awarded the contract to assist the NSW Lands and Property Management Authority in the overseeing the preparation and scuttling of the Ex-HMAS Adelaide as an artificial reef (dive wreck) on the Central Coast off Avoca Beach.

  • Capability Partners both acted as the on-site representative overseeing the ship preparation activities, during which time it highlighted that a number of documents produced by the ship preparation contractor required review and amendment to comply with relevant NSW guidelines.

  • Capability Partners also liaised with the federal environmental regulator regarding the necessary inspections and documentation required to obtain a sea dumping permit. As a result of a claim brought before the Administrative Appeal Tribunal by a community group, the scheduled scuttling date was delayed whilst the Tribunal hearing was conducted. Capability Partners prepared documentation and evidence required to support the Tribunal hearing and provided sworn testimony to the Tribunal attesting to the preparation activities.

  • Capability Partners subsequently managed a team of personnel who oversaw the final preparations for the ship as a dive wreck, leading to its successful placement as an artificial reef in 2011.

  • Project timeframe: 2007-2011