Organisational Structure and Competency Management

The organisational structure is a key enabler to Asset Management success. There are a number of different common organisational structures, each beneficial in varying contexts. Clear competency requirements are also a critical enabler for mature Asset Management Systems. Depending on the organisational structure, different competencies are required at different levels throughout the organisation.

Identifying the right competencies for each role within an enabling organisational structure supports autonomy and good decision making aligned with the approved Decision-Making Criteria at all levels of the organisation. A supporting structure and clear responsibilities and accountabilities also empowers employees to affect change and improvements.

Developing and retaining competent and motivated individuals to achieve the Organisational Objectives requires a systematic program. Capability Partners can assist organisations to develop a structure and program by:

  • Undertaking Organisational Structure Analysis
  • Developing and implementing an Organisational Structure to effectively achieve Organisational Objectives
  • Developing the Change Management program to support improvement of organisational structure
  • Undertaking Competency Analysis
  • Conducting Training Needs Analysis
  • Identifying competency gaps and development of training plans
  • Identification of competency requirements based on approved technical and financial processes
  • Development of position roles
  • The development of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) charts
  • Matching competencies with people and tasks

Capability Partners has supported many organisations to transform their structure and empower their employees through competency definition and training to enable the achievement of Organisational Objectives.

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