Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) programs direct the identification and development of logistics support for an asset which assures performance requirements are met at an acceptable cost. ILS integrates the planning and action of a number of disciplines including financial, throughout both the asset acquisition and operation process.

Implementing a controlled ILS program assures return on Investment/revenue, while also supporting the utilisation phase by assuring that all support elements are both connected and integrated. Capability Partners can support the development of all elements of an ILS program, including:

  • Sparing requirements and their locations
  • Tools and special/test equipment requirements and their locations
  • Packing, handling, storage and transportation (PHS&T)
  • Personnel/competency requirements
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Technical data requirements and management
  • Facilities for warehousing, repair and other support functions eg. Training
  • Design interface management
  • Logistic Support Analysis Report (LSAR) development, implementation and optimisation
  • Development of contractual support arrangements
  • Revenue projections both short term and, over the Whole of Life
  • How to use data to reduce Whole of Life costs, that is, develop the capability to support continuous improvement.

Through developing an ILS programs, Capability Partners has assisted organisations achieve their asset Availability requirements, reduced opportunity cost through distribution of sparing to appropriate locations, optimised warehousing cost against opportunity cost, reduced induced failures through determining adequate training needs and competencies, and balanced cost against Availability with the optimal locations and functions of support facilities.

By developing comprehensive LSARs, Capability Partners has also enabled organisations to continuously improve of their support programs through utilisation.

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