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ISO 55001 requires a number of artefacts to facilitate the implementation and application of an Asset Management System including the processes within. Those artefacts are:

  • Asset Management Policy – Sets the principles by which the organisation intends to apply asset management
  • Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) – Describes the Asset Management System, its components and how the organisational objectives are going to be achieved through management of assets
  • Asset Management Plans (AMPs) – Specifies the activities and resources required to achieve the asset management objectives

Although not a requirement of ISO 55001, Capability Partners also recommends that organisations have an Asset Management Framework. The Asset Management Framework details definitions, Asset Management principles, models and standards that are used as the foundation the Asset Management System within the organisation – an important part of any induction program.

Having established Asset Management Artefacts enables organisations to communicate the management intent, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, approved processes and decision-making criteria. Comprehensive Asset Management Artefacts integrate information from various areas of the business, which allows inefficiencies and management gaps to be identified. It also supports a holistic view of the business, assuring that all sections and delivering what they need to in order to achieve the Organisational Objectives.

To support organisations with the development and improvement of Asset Management Artefacts, the Capability Partners team can:

  • Critically review existing artefacts in conjunction with the current and likely future business context
  • Develop Asset Management Artefacts based on the current state
  • Develop Asset Management Artefacts based on a desired future state
  • Conduct workshops with the Executive and key individuals to develop the intent of the Asset Management Policy, and the components of an appropriate Asset Management System, including development of Asset Management Objectives
  • Design Asset Management Systems, articulated in the SAMP, including the decision-making criteria, risk appetite, information and data requirements, roles and responsibilities, assurance requirements and the relationship between the AMPs and the Asset Management Objectives
  • If the SAMP represent a desired future state, develop an Asset Management System Improvement Plan to support implementation and achievement of the goals
  • Develop the executable tactics to support the management of assets articulated in the AMPs, with both technical and financial considerations – over the short and long term (Whole of Life)

Through development of Asset Management Artefacts, Capability Partners has a proven history of:

  • Supporting organisations integrate business processes and identify inconsistencies (which often result in inefficiencies and identifying gaps in management processes) which expose organisations to unknown risk
  • Designing Asset Management Systems and the supporting technical, financial and workplace cultural environment needed to achieve organisational objectives

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