Defensible Maintenance Program and Budget

A defensible maintenance program and budget is one which is justified by argument, is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements, is data driven and evidence based, and is developed using standardised processes.

Developing a maintenance and spares program and associated budget using defensible processes assures that maintenance is aligned with the Asset Management Objectives, mitigates safety, environmental, technical and economic risks to the organisation’s risk appetite and can control and balance cost with performance.

The defensible maintenance program and budget considers cost in each of the recommended tasks and execution strategies to identify the most technically and financially beneficial maintenance and support decisions. Development of a defensible maintenance program and budget comprises the following activities:

  • Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) to identify all the ways the systems can fail and any immediate actions
  • Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) or Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) analysis to determine preventive maintenance tasks that are both technically effective (mitigate the identified failure mode effects) and financially effective.
  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) to determine the most practical and financially effective asset corrective maintenance actions
  • Task Analysis to determine all the task components within the recommended maintenance program, and the competency and resource requirements
  • Task Packaging to combine the tasks based on location, work centres, trade types, shutdown periods and maintenance policies to gain efficiencies

With regard to defensible maintenance programs and budgets, Capability Partners is able to:

  • Provide advice on the most appropriate standards and processes to use considering the industry and context
  • Undertake any activity in the maintenance and budget development process while complying with the organisation’s preferred standards
  • Provide Backfit RCM services for organisations with a mature maintenance program but no foundation FMECA/RCM data to support continuous improvement
  • Critically review existing maintenance programs and budgets to identify improvements to the program, improvement to the development and optimisation processes and operational expenditure savings

Capability Partners has significant experience improving both the technical and financial performance of assets across a range of sectors and asset classes.

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