Data Management and Integrity

Data Management and Integrity is focused on the control of data to assure accuracy, relevance, currency, quality and accessibility. Defensible Asset Management decisions cannot be made without the underpinning data. To have confidence in Asset Management decisions, there must be confidence in the data used.

Asset Information Systems support the collection and management of data to maintain confidence.

Capability Partners can support organisations to:

  • Assess Asset Management Objectives and associated data requirements to demonstrate achievement
  • Develop Data Collection Plans and Processes
  • Developing Asset Information Standards, including data requirements and classification criteria
  • Develop Data Management Processes
  • Provide advice on Data Management Systems and controls appropriate to the context
  • Undertake Data Audits

Capability Partners has assured the success of the Asset Management System in many organisations through reviewing the organisational goals, determining the data requirements to demonstrate compliance with the Asset Management System and implementing data management procedures and systems to control and maintain integrity of the data.

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