Configuration Management

Configuration Management is the establishment and management of a system’s performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its lifecycle. Configuration Management is a key enabler of Asset Management as it manages key system information and changes which support decision making.

Control of system information enables organisations to make changes to the asset configuration baseline, including the support baseline, which improve performance, reduce risk and reduce cost.

To achieve all of this, CM must be expanded to include the identification and management  data used to make decisions e.g. the data used to identify maintenance, spares and operations tasks/plans and resources.  CP can advise organisations of how to identify, organise and use this data not only to develop the initial maintenance plans etc, but also on how to use this data to reduce Whole of Life costs, as well  – that is, support continuous improvement.

Configuration Management should commence during Requirements Definition and continue through to disposal. A loss of control of the configuration baseline exposes organisations to unknown levels of risk and so is an important function to enable organisations to achieve their desired balance of cost, risk and performance.

Capability Partners supports organisations with Configuration Management through:

  • Providing advice on Configuration Management IT support systems and processes, including authorities and accountabilities
  • Identifying Configuration Management data requirements
  • Developing data management processes
  • Undertaking configuration baselining
  • Developing and executing Configuration Status Accounting processes
  • Conducting Physical Configuration Audits
  • Establishing Configuration Management programs

Capability Partners is experienced implementing Configuration Management programs throughout multiple industries and asset classes and has proven experience supporting organisations regaining control of their configuration baselines.

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