Asset Management Mentoring

Asset Management Mentoring is the provision of dedicated professional guidance for individuals to support the achievement of specific or general professional goals.

Capability Partners provides the following mentoring/guidance and support services:

  • Study and exam guidance to achieve World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) Certified Asset Management Assessor
  • Guidance to achieve Asset Management Council certification levels CAAM, CPAM, CSAM and CFAM through attestation
  • Identification of individual competency gaps and support to close those gaps
  • Development of professional roadmap to achieve individualised professional goals
  • Mentoring on the application of specific Asset Management techniques to support professional tasks
  • Mentoring with regard to international/national standards, their interpretation and implementation

In particular, Capability Partners currently successfully provides general asset management related mentoring to senior technical and financial managers.

Capability Partners matches mentors with the requesting individual based on the area of Asset Management where guidance is being sort, the competency level of the requesting individual and communication styles. It is important for you to be comfortable with your mentor and to enjoy the journey and so Capability Partners ensures our proposed mentors are compatible with your needs.

In conjunction with any of the services offered by Capability Partners to organisations, Capability Partners can provide additional mentoring in the workplace to guide the application of techniques or professional development of individuals.

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