Asset Health Check

For your company to achieve its business goals, your Asset Management System and your Asset Management Plans must be both technically and economically effective. That is, the AMS must support the business needs and the resultant AMPs must do likewise.

An Asset Management Health Check identifies the key issues for both your:

  • Asset Management System – as a set of processes and procedures, decisions and competencies that delivers AMPs that, when implemented, collectively deliver the business need; and
  • Asset Management Plans – as a set of tasks that, when implemented, will deliver the required business need (asset performance, expected support and operational cost and the resultant residual risk).

The CP Health Check gives a complete view of your asset management approach – looking at systems, (processes and procedures), your AMPs, your equipment and of course, your business drivers.

Capability Partners’ in-depth understanding of both the application of asset management principles and “risk versus rewards” management underpins our Asset Management Health Check. This process provides you with valuable insights from all perspectives of an organisation, thereby offering outcomes which are easily understood across the same organisation. The following represents a sample of some of our exploratory questions:

Does your organisation know and can it demonstrate:

The relationship between the requirements of your Asset Management System and your organisational objectives?
The relationship between your costs, your risk and your asset performance?
What your maintenance plan delivers in terms of a known ROI in dollars?
How well your maintenance plans match your production and business needs?
Does your organisation know and can it demonstrate:

It is ready for certification to ISO 55001 “Requirements for an asset management system”?
The relationship between your short-term and long-term asset management plan(s)?
Does your organisation know and can it demonstrate:

The linkages between risk, performance and cost?
How to respond to changes in maintenance and/or operations budgets?
How to respond, in terms of quantifiable and defendable decisions, when faced with the need (or desire) to reduce maintenance expenditure, defer maintenance, or delete maintenance?
The relationship between your maintenance plan and your organisational profit?
Does your organisation know and can it demonstrate:

The needed asset management competencies, and that your people are appropriately accredited?
The relationship between your asset management plans, your asset management system, and the safety of your team and the public?
How to determine maintenance changes needed to support a change in production?
The safety, environmental, and production risks if your organisation defers and/or cancels a maintenance period and/or maintenance shutdown?
The effect that deferring maintenance has on equipment availability, system reliability, risk profile, and asset performance?