AM Maturity Assessment

“Asset Management maturity is the extent to which the capabilities, performance and ongoing assurance of an organisation are fit for purpose to meet the current and future needs of its stakeholders, including the ability of an organisation to foresee and respond to its operating context.”

GFMAM Asset Management Maturity, A Position Statement, First Edition

Increased levels of Asset Management maturity results in improved and sustained business success. Achieving organisational objectives efficiently and effectively, while adapting to changing environments, gives businesses a competitive advantage. Asset Management maturity assessments allow businesses to understand their strengths and weaknesses, with the goal of continuously improving and achieving excellence.

Asset Management maturity extends beyond ISO 55001 compliance and is heavily context dependent.

As experts in Asset Management, with experience which spans across all industries, Capability Partners has the skills to interpret the attributes which constitutes maturity in varying contexts. This supports the provision of consistent maturity assessments with the development of improvement plans which will assure each organisation achieves their business goals.

When conducting Asset Management Maturity Assessments, Capability Partners has extensive experience using both the Asset Management Council’s MatureAsset®  online assessment tool to support a Gap Analysis report, as well as developing bespoke assessment processes unique to the business context.

Capability Partners can support your business with:

  • Assessing compliance to ISO 55001 requirements
  • Assessing Asset Management Maturity, utilising the AM Council’s MatureAsset® online assessment tool or a tailored/bespoke process, to develop the information to support a Gap Analysis report.
  • Developing an improvement program and journey plan
  • Determining the resource needs for an improvement program
  • Implementing the improvement program

Through maturity assessments and improvement journeys, Capability Partners has a proven history of supporting organisations to:

  • Identify and mitigate physical and commercial risks
  • Improve corporate decision-making, integrating risk management with data analytics while assuring a focus on organisational objectives
  • Identify and implement necessary roles, authorities and associated competencies
  • Develop leadership styles and organisational culture which enables achievement of business improvement objectives
  • Identify and remove any gaps and inefficiencies in asset management processes
  • Excel when confronted with changing contexts and disrupters

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