Why Capability Partners

Capability Partners provides organisations with asset management and business risk services. We have a long and established track record of working with organisations to ensure the ‘safety of use’ and ‘fitness of purpose’ of physical assets over the entire asset lifecycle.

Our team’s unique set of capabilities is based upon an unrivalled understanding of physical asset management. Our in-house developed software provides a set of tailorable yet repeatable, efficient and cost effective analytical ‘What if’ tools, allowing us to work with clients to develop a demonstrable balance between the costs, risks and required asset performance – a cornerstone of ISO 55000 Asset Management.


We help our clients achieve their business outcomes through:

  • Optimal asset integrity and productivity
  • Innovative solutions
  • Increased availability and reliability
  • Improved safety and sustainability
  • Reduced cost and risk, and
  • Improved profitability.

Your organisation will be well positioned to achieve the best return on its assets with our assistance in:

  • Providing ‘What if’ analyses that are capable of modelling a number of challenging scenarios – such as the effect of maintenance and/or budget changes on corporate risk, profitability, and safety
  • Structuring and creating safety cases
  • Understanding and modelling the effect of a reduced maintenance budget on risk and profitability and the effect on profitability from changes to maintenance (including deferring shutdowns)
  • Quantifying the level of risk (reliability, safety and profitability) associated with Asset Management Plans as they evolve to reflect changing business needs
  • Ensuring any recommended maintenance regime (such as from an OEM) is appropriate for your business.

Organisations in the shipping, rail, mining, oil and gas industries, as well as defence and manufacturing industries, trust in the experience and technical capability of our team to deliver.

Our team of experienced Engineers, Logisticians, Technicians and associated professionals come from wide variety backgrounds, but a large proportion have many years of prior service in the Australian Defence Forces.

We can provide talented people with military domain experience in:

  • Platform Engineering, Operation and Maintenance
  • Combat System Engineering, Operation and Maintenance
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Data Management
  • Integrated Logistic Support Disciplines
  • Reliability Availability Maintainability Engineering (RAM)
  • Technical Authoring
  • Software Engineering
  • Asset Disposal.

Reason 1: Outcomes-based approach focused on business objectives
Reason 2: Proven experience at the highest levels
Reason 3: Proprietary software with broad capability to enhance your asset management approach
Reason 4: Focused on long-term client relationships
Reason 5: Ability to provide the right level of expertise and service across almost any asset management project
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