Capability Partners has developed a unique set of asset management software tools which make asset management processes and decisions repeatable, efficient and cost effective. Our approach is best practice.

Our approach focuses upon the three key aspects of asset management, namely:

  1. Plan =
  2. Check =
  3. Act – the optimal balance between asset productivity and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We leave the “doing” to your CMMS or similar, but we can provide an electronic link.



ShipShape™ is a comprehensive asset management tool for enterprises with large, complex, high-risk assets. Intended to complement an organisation’s EAM/CMMS, ShipShape™ supports a number of asset management activities including:

  1. Risk Review – analysis of risks from assets and the production of Safety Case Reports and Major Accident Events
  2. Preventive Maintenance Review – derivation of maintenance requirements for new or existing equipment using Risk Assessment and RCM decision logic
  3. Preventive Maintenance Coordination – coordinates maintenance requirements (often from multiple origins), ensuring relevance and providing a reconciled set of requirements to the CMMS.


Risk Profiler

Our Risk & Reliability Profiler enables assessment of the:

  1. Effectiveness of existing maintenance plans in meeting reliability targets and acceptable levels of risk from accident events; and
  2. Impact on reliability and risk of cancelled maintenance (e.g. deferred shutdowns) or changing production schedules.

The tool displays reliability and availability profiles with Reliability Block Diagrams, while risk profiles (safety, environment and asset risks from significant events) are displayed using integrated fault and event tree analysis.

The tool also helps improve profitability through use of optimisation algorithms for determining the minimum maintenance spend required to meet target reliability.

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