Project 2: Defence


  • Capability Partners (formerly CBD) has worked with Defence agencies over a ten year period to develop processes and tools that enable the development and capture of asset management plans, as well as the recording of risk-based rationale that underpins those plans. This work required the analysis of the existing business problems of the agencies – which was the challenge of how best to prioritise allocation of resources to the upkeep and improvement of the managed assets on fleets of ships. There was an emphasis on developing more effective ways of performing the agency’s business tasks. namely gaining improved understanding of the vast number of asset maintenance requirements and hence exercising better control over where resources are consumed.
  • The processes and toolsets incorporated best practice techniques such as risk management and reliability centred maintenance. Importantly, the processes and toolsets incorporated the key tenets of technical regulation and quality assurance – all analysis needed to be performed by competent personnel that had been authorised and were working in an accredited engineering organisation, and whose work was certified as correct. The satisfaction of these requirements was captured in the tool.
  • CBD further developed the toolset to enable agency managers to quantitatively portray (and hence manage) the risks to fitness for purpose, personnel safety and the environment resulting from:
    • Changes to the planned mission (being the intended use);
    • Deferral and/or cancellation of maintenance or safety-related tasks;
    • Deferral or cancellation of maintenance periods;
    • Maintenance budget changes (both decreases and increases); and
    • Changes in the acceptable risk profiles.
  • Project timeframe: 2003 – 2012 (multiple ongoing projects)
  • Client details: Defence Materiel Organisation – FFG Systems Program Office
  • Project leads: Peter Kohler, Richard Arthur, Bob Hartley, Bruce Richens.