A highly regulated industry, the utilities sector faces many challenges today such as demand fluctuations, price volatility, restructuring and new competition. All focus is on the need to efficiently and easily manage costs, assets, employees, customers and services.

With a combination of real-world experience and smart tools, Capability Partners’ consultants can develop cost-effective, practical solutions for utility owners and managers. We assist clients to manage the entire life cycle of their assets, maintaining a sharp focus on measurable results.

Our approach is to deliver a level of service that effectively balance cost and risk, thereby allowing clients to optimise both capital and operational expenditures.

To discuss how we may be able to put this capability to use for your organisation, please contact Andrew Wise.

Andrew Wise

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Asset Management Council: Member PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES As a senior manager with over 25 years of strategic and operational experience in asset management, marine engineering, engineering software implementation, and integrated logistics support fields across government and private enterprises, Andrew is recognised for delivering superior customer service whilst managing the interests of multiple stakeholders. In […]