Capability Partners’ asset management expertise can help ensure that any investment in the operation and maintenance of marine vessels provides the maximum benefit at the lowest lifecycle cost.

Many of our experienced Engineers, Logisticians, Technicians and associated professionals come from roots in the Royal Australian Navy, with many years of proven military experience in:

  • Inspection and testing
  • Assessment, maintenance and operation
  • Risk identification
  • Life cycle costing
  • Disposal
  • Renewal and replacement
  • Data management
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)Disciplines
  • Reliability Availability Maintainability(RAM) Engineering

Capability Partners can assist in targeting spending to maintain the physical and financial value you’re your assets, while optimising their performance – all within the context of specific business objectives. For further information, we invite you to contact our Marine specialist Andrew Wise.

Andrew Wise

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Asset Management Council: Member PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES As a senior manager with over 25 years of strategic and operational experience in asset management, marine engineering, engineering software implementation, and integrated logistics support fields across government and private enterprises, Andrew is recognised for delivering superior customer service whilst managing the interests of multiple stakeholders. In […]