More governments and large infrastructure owners and investors around the world are looking for long-term partnering solutions with asset management advisory companies that offer value for money and successfully deliver programs to enhance their services.

This continues to be the approach taken within Australian industries including highways, airports, rail, schools, government, buildings, bridges, tunnels, and hospitals.

Capability Partners has been providing leading expertise from pre-qualification through tendering and operational phases to Government and private companies since 2000. We have provided expert advice to clients on some of their largest projects, with an impressive track-record of results.

For further information, we invite you to contact Infrastructure specialist Richard Arthur.

Richard Arthur

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Asset Management Council: Certified Senior Practitioner in Asset Management Engineers Australia: Member PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES As an engineering professional with over 20 years’ public and private sector asset management experience, Richard has worked extensively in the area of in-service asset management (maintenance, operation and support) of large, high-energy assets. Richard’s key skills include applying asset […]